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Tell Us Your Sweet Childhood Memories

Posted by Annmarie Stubbs on


We would like to get the Sweet Hero community talking, it's too quiet around here ;)

When i was younger i used to visit a little sweet shop in Scarborough called Peggy's. It was your average 1980's sweet shop. The thing is that image has stayed with me all this time. From the colour of the floor, to the smell of the sweets as you walked in.

This is where i first tried the white Fish and chip chocolate sweets, and they are still as good today as they were back then.

I think i probably only had 10p with me, but hey it bought a mini sweet treasure trove back then....

Sooooo, i want to know what YOUR favourites were. So please let us know on the comments below.

Lets see if we can bring them to Sweet Hero for you.

Thanks very much


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  • OMG … I feel like 100yrs old but it was marvellous stuff ?

    Sasp sucker lollies with 2oz if American cream soda on
  • I remember going to the shop and 50p getting me a huge mix lol now it only gets you 10 sweets xx

    Niketta on
  • Mrs Dooleys shop near the Minster on the way home from school. Classic!

    Becky on

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