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Atomic Fireblast - Sweet Hero

Atomic Fireblast

Ferrara Candy Company

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(Hot hard candy sweets) (21g)

Do you remember these? All i remember is being scared to death of them, friends daring each other to have one in the playground. I haven't seen these anywhere since i left school so it came as a surprise to me that we got them in stock. Just in case you were wondering, no i still haven't had one, but other staff members have and they are still hot. I mean they put on a brave face but i could see it in their eye's that they were, shall we say a little uncomfortable.

Honestly though i don't think they are that hot! (Or are they?) You can let us know what you think on the reviews section.


gelling agent: e414
corn starch
glazing agent: carnauba wax
colours: e129, e171

Allergy Infomation:


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