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Jelly Belly Beans - Bubblegum - Sweet Hero

Jelly Belly Beans - Bubblegum

Jelly Belly

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Unlike the other bubble gum, you will never, ever spit this one out.  It is an altogether classier act. You can get the same fresh, delicious taste of bubble gum, let the flavour linger and last and absolutely no one will think you're tacky. People who choose Bubble Gum Jelly Belly bean as their favourite flavour are discreet and classy. When visiting their homes, you are unlikely to find hard bits of chewed up material stuck under chairs, tables and shelves.

All Jelly Belly jelly beans are:

-Only 4 calories per bean.
-OU Kosher,
-gluten free,
-peanut free,
-dairy free,
-fat free
-Gelatin Free


glucose syrup,
modified cornstarch,
glazing agents (E901, E903, E904),
colours (E102, E129, E171).

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